I’m a creative director, creative strategist, copywriter, writer-writer, agency leader, conceptor, observer, ham-fisted dad, idea lover, advertising scum, enemy of bullshit, and ally of truth and tea and dark bars. This is a collection of my work.

Creative. Strategist. Writer.

Creative. We’re either trying to make something unforgettable, or we’re just making noise. Say something. Say it simply, audaciously, memorably. Create smiles or goosebumps. Hard as hell? Sure. But it’s not just worth the fight, it’s the only fight. Otherwise, pour gasoline on the client’s money and toss a match. At least that would get attention. 

Strategy. “Give me the freedom of a tight brief.” Know what it takes to empower creatives and do whatever it takes to get there. Keep it simple, specific, convincing. Operate on informed instinct. Have a good bullshit detector. Hone it through a lifetime of observing human truths and distinguishing meaningful insights from meaningless data. 

Leadership. Dare to keep it simple in an industry intent on propagating the myth that complex is smart. Welcome new marketing insights, trends and philosophies. Remember it’s all just talk until the ideas—and results—hit the table. Speak less, listen more.  Stay curious. “What do you know today that you didn’t know yesterday?” Be a happy Stoic who understands the only thing we control in this world is how we think, act and react in each moment, so choose wisely and be a good human. Promote honest pragmatism. People—especially talented creative people—respond to truth not toxic positivity. Vibe is earned not manufactured. We’re pushing cheese puffs, not performing brain surgery, so let’s have fun doing it. 

Professional. My ideas have been featured in The One Show, Communication Arts, Muse by Clios, Adweek, AdAge, Mediaweek, The Minneapolis Egotist, The Show/AdFed MN and above many fine restroom urinals. I’ve worked on brands like 3M, Harley-Davidson, Samuel Adams, Grain Belt Beer, Polaris, Cargill, UnitedHealthcare, Transamerica, Godfrey Pontoons and many local establishments willing to give me food and drink in exchange for ideas.

Personal. I believe inspiration only strikes when you live your life fully, so “yes” is my default mode. So… I play rock shows in dive bars often. I regularly contribute to a respected food journal (Heavy Table), so far chronicling 350+ restaurant experiences. I write and occasionally publish short fiction (under a pen name I won’t reveal, so don’t ask)… I visit new parts of the world and experience new cultures annually. And I live in constant awe of my spouse and children who teach me something new every day and show me who I aspire to be.


KC Truth

VP | CD | Director of Strategy

3M, Minnesota Public Radio, Entrust, UnitedHealth Group, Health Partners, Twin Cities Orthopedics. Transamerica, McNeilus Refuse and Cement Mixers, Godfrey Pontoons, Cargill, Plasti Dip, Post Consumer Brands, No Name Steaks, Sports Shake

Agency Eleven

Creative Director

Grain Belt Beer, Potlatch, Parasole, Manny’s, Oceanaire, Chino Latino, Buca di Beppo, Minneapolis Foundation

Carmichael Lynch

Senior Writer

Harley-Davidson, Minnesota Lottery, Sam Adams, Harrah’s Casinos, Polaris, American Standard

University of Texas

BS in Advertising



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